Contacting Your Insurance Before and After Adding Insured Natural Stone Slab in the GTA to Your GTA Renovations

Contacting Your Insurance Before and After You Add Insured Natural Stone Slab to Your GTA Renovation

Houses across the GTA are being renovated with insured natural stone slab in the GTA. Whether it’s the bathroom vanity or the kitchen countertop, these natural beauties bring years of pleasure. But before you embark on a home renovation, it’s important to know how the addition of natural stone slab to your GTA home may impact your home insurance.

During Renovation

Before you start your renovation, it’s important to call your insurer to discover what is covered under your policy. You may be surprised to learn that your insurance policy may not cover your renovations.
It’s also important to ask your contractor if they have a Certificate of Insurance that’s been updated with your address. This ensures that your contractor has insurance to cover workers who may be injured on the job.
If the job requires more than just the addition of a natural stone slab countertop to your GTA home, you’ll need to notify your insurance company. They may need to change your policy temporarily, especially if you need to move out for a month or two while the renovations are in progress. If no one is living at your GTA home during the renovation process, a burst pipe or thieves could do a lot of damage before being noticed. The addition of a new bathroom or kitchen extension may cause structural damage if not done properly. It’s important to ensure that your insurance will cover any damage related to the renovation or that occurs during that time period. Otherwise, you could be tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket, offsetting the increased value your new natural stone and other renovations may bring to your home.

A Note to Do-It-Yourselfers

Installing natural stone tiles is within the reach of many people, although you may want to go with a professional to ensure the kind of high quality installation your new tiles deserve.
You may be tempted to install your natural stone countertop by yourself. Before you do, stop and consider exactly how heavy that natural stone slab will be. Even if your friends are willing to come over and help lift it, they lack the experience of maneuvering such a large, heavy stone. That beautiful stone slab could be damaged or could damage the walls or floor of your GTA home.
There are some types of insured natural stone slab in the GTA for countertops that require a professional to install them. In fact, installing some countertops by yourself may void the warranty. Always protect your purchase by inquiring about the warranty.

After Renovation

Gorgeous natural stone, like granite, can increase your home’s value. It’s worth your time to call your insurance company after a renovation and update your policy. That way, if you have to make a claim, your new countertops or stunning natural stone floor will be included in the rebuilding or renovating of your home. By not updating your policy, you risk losing the added value that elegant natural stone brings to your home. Plus, after living with the natural beauty of stone, you may find it hard to go back to linoleum or wood.
If you’re using insured natural stone slab in the GTA for your GTA home renovation, contact your insurance agent before and after the renovation.